About PTA

What is the PTA?

The Seward Montessori Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is the umbrella under which Seward Montessori parents come together to hold special events, donate much needed supplies, and keep bettering our best! The PTA supports its mission by raising money to fund field trips and after school activities, purchase classroom and media supplies, provide teacher and student grants, pay for child care for parents who wish to attend school meetings, and much more.

ALL PARENTS are welcome to participate.

PTA Board Members

Interested in joining the Seward PTA?

The PTA is supported by parent volunteers. We would love to have your expertise! If you are interested in joining the PTA Board or just learning how you can help, please contact Christian Novak at chair@sewardmontessori.org. Board meetings are open to parents as well and can be viewed on the Seward calendar.

What’s Involved?

The Seward Montessori PTA Board meets once each month. PTA updates are given at the Seward Montessori Roundtable meetings, held on the 2nd Thursday of the month in the first floor Seward Commons. Additional planning meetings may also be held for specific committees. We encourage all parents to volunteer at a few of the events throughout the school year. Specific committee members are expected to volunteer for the events they help plan.

How Does the PTA Improve the Educational Experience at Seward Montessori?

Here’s a brief sampling of programs that are made possible through money provided by the PTA.

  • Montessori learning materials - Montessori education is intensive and hands-on! Our fundraising supports the purchase of these materials in all classrooms.

  • YMCA Widjiwagan Environment Learning Center - Every spring, the PTA helps fund a trip to Camp Widjiwagan in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for 6th grade students. For three nights and four days during the month of March, the students have the opportunity to experience the north woods.

  • Educational Grants - Each year, teachers can apply for educational grants through the PTA. The grants may be used to cover the cost of new Montessori materials, books for the classrooms, or special programs that enhance the existing curriculum. This year, for example, the PTA funded the purchase of a Digital Moticam, essentially a microscope “camera” for use in Karen Utter’s K-5 science classroom. The camera, which projects whatever is under the microscope onto a white board, allows students to learn more about the microscopic specimen, discuss the field of view, and practice observational drawing.

  • Kindergarten Apple Orchard Field Trip - The very first field trip every Seward Montessori student experiences is a trip to a local apple orchard as a kindergartner. Going to the orchard coincides with the study of living and nonliving things, and kindergartners prepare for this field trip by studying the parts of the apple and learning about how they grow. The PTA funds transportation to and from the orchard, making this fun and educational field trip possible.