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Room Parents

Each Seward classroom has one or more parents who have volunteered to be a Room Parent. A Room Parent helps build community by communicating school and classroom events to Seward families.

What exactly does a room parent do?
  1. At the beginning of the year, create a class contact list to use a guide for communications. Parents should expect to receive frequent email/phone calls (less likely)/newsletter communications from the Room Parent.
  2. Act as a communications liaison between the PTA and classroom parents. This would include forwarding on PTA notes and communications via email or newsletter.
  3. Plan or delegate planning of at least 1 classroom gathering outside of the school day.
  4. Welcome new families into the classroom that may come in throughout the year.
  5. Communicate with teacher to assist finding volunteer (as requested by the teacher) and possibly solicit donations for classroom supplies as needed.
  6. Coordinate teacher gifts as needed throughout the year.
We are still looking for Room Parents for many rooms!
If you are interested in becoming a Room Parent or joining a Room Parent team, please contact Mary Delander.