True Food Taste Test

The True Food Taste Tests are an initiative of Minneapolis Public Schools with the goal to inspire students to be adventurous eaters. (Learn more about it here.)

Exposing students to new, flavorful recipes fosters critical thinking about food beyond LIKE vs. DISLIKE AND THEY ONLY HAPPEN THREE TIMES A YEAR!

What is the texture? Is it sweet, bitter or sour? What ingredients are used and where do they come from? How were they grown?  Relating to food in this way empowers students to make healthy food choices.

Students who try the sample get a fun sticker and can also submit an idea for the New Name Contest – the winning name for the dish will show up on the school menu once the new recipe is perfected.  For example the winning name of the April 2015 taste test was "Far Out Farro" which came from an E1 student in Room 118!

Volunteers are needed for three taste tests each year.  Volunteers will assist student leaders and lunchroom staff to hand out samples and stickers, share fun facts about the recipe ingredients and encourage students to talk about food.