Trash For Cash

We will be making a push to collect certain items at certain times. Stay tuned to the Splash for details.
Turn your household trash into cash for Seward Montessori!

Seward’s Trash for Cash Collections

 EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS! Seward AND the landfills.

  • Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade Accepted Waste: Foil-lined wrappers from energy bars, granola bars, meal replacement bars, protein bars, diet bars, and wrappers from Clif SHOT, Clif Twisted Fruit, Clif Roks, Clif Bloks, Clif gels, all LÄRABAR® foil- lined wrappers, and all Cascadian Farm® foil-lined bar wrappers.
  • Colgate® Oral Care Brigade Accepted Waste: Toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, toothbrush and toothpaste tube outer packaging, and floss containers
  • Personal Care & Beauty Brigade  Accepted Waste: Hair care packaging, skin care packaging, and cosmetics packaging. Please note: aerosol containers are NOT accepted.
  • General Mills Box Tops  Accepted Waste: Box tops point coupons (Some participating products are: baking products, cereal, Ziploc bags, Green Giant produce, snack products, Hefty bags, Hanes apparel, Scott paper products and many more items!)
  • Inkjet Cartridges and Phones Recycling Fundraiser Accepted Waste: Ink jet cartridges that fit in the palm of your hand, no laser or toner cartridges, working and non working cell phones, phone accessories (batteries, cords, boxes, etc.) are NOT collectable

One more thing… Do you order from Amazon? If so, have you used You can designate Seward Montessori PTA and Amazon will donate a portion of your order to Seward. Prices and services are the same, and Seward will benefit! Every little bit helps us support Seward!

We will be working in the spring to get the bin painted and relabeled. Please drop your accepted waste into the appropriately labeled bin, that's all you have to do! Parent volunteers send in each shipment and maintain the Green Bins. If you are interested in helping out with the Green Bin maintenance, please contact Mary Delander.