Seward Sustainer Program

The Sustainer Program gives you the opportunity to contribute monthly to Seward Montessori School's PTA fundraising efforts. This monthly donation will allow the PTA to reduce fundraising events and instead concentrate on actual outcomes.

How to become a Seward Sustainer

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your monthly donation amount. (GiveMN has minimum of $10)

Step 3: Choose 'Monthly' from the the drop-down menu and hit 'Donate Now'.

Step 4: Enter your credit card information. *To be a monthly sustainer you must check "Store my card and create an account for future use." This authorizes us to charge your card each month at your recurring donation amount. An email reminder is sent to you each month when your card is processed.


Why do we fundraise?

Each year, the PTA spends $30,000-$40,000 to provide your child(ren) with the exceptional school and community experience they get at Seward Montessori. In order to continue to offer and fund all the activities listed below we need to maintain and/or exceed our current level of funding. Remember PTA dollars benefit your child and are for programs/events not funded by the district.

What is the goal of the Sustainer Program

Our goal is to raise $15,000

What will it take to meet the goal?

Examples:  300 sustainers at $10/month will raise $36,000 in 12 months; 200 sustainers at $20/month will raise $48,000.

Tell friends, family, Seward Alumni and find a donation level that works for your budget!

What do I get for being a sustainer?

A thank you from the PTA, pride of being a part of the solution, an improved student body experience and less asking for donations! 

Will we stop other fundraising?

We will still have the Read Around/Book Fair, Plant Sale and a Raffle during the Fall Social to help cover costs….but that is it!

Direct Donation Logo

Where will my money go? Here are some of the many things we fund:

Cookie Social - Gathering before the school year starts, providing students and parents a chance to meet teachers and classmates.

Teacher appreciation gifts - Our teachers spend more than 40 hours a week and often spend their own money to purchase items for their classrooms. They do it because they love our children. We provide a cash gift to teachers as a very small token of our deep gratitude for their hard work.

Midwest Food Connection and Garden programming - Each year, your kids are being introduced to new fruits and vegetables, spending time in our garden planting seeds, and learning about nutrition, among many other inspiring and creative activities that grow from our garden.

Childcare and food- Funds are used to provide childcare and food for many of the school meetings that host teachers and parents. Food and childcare are essential to making our school meetings more accessible to all families.

Montessori classroom learning supplies - Montessori learning is an intensive hands-on learning strategy that requires dedicated funds to bring in new and replace old Montessori materials.

Buses - Funding for classroom field trips and family events such as the roller skating party to be used to provide transportation for students and families.

Annual Picnic: Providing parents, students, and teachers a chance to meet and socialize once the school year has started.

Fall Social: An evening out for parents to relax and socialize with the Seward Community.

Spring Event: A fun community gathering for teachers, parents, and students. The theme of this event changes each year.

Kindergarten Registration - Kindergartners and their families have a chance to meet Children’s House teachers, see the classrooms, and complete the necessary enrollment forms.

Teacher Appreciation Lunch - The PTA provides lunch for all teachers the day after school is out, as a way to say thank you for a great school year.

YMCA Widjiwagan Environment Learning Center - Every spring, the PTA helps fund a trip to Camp Widjiwagan in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for 6th grade students. For three nights and four days during the month of March, the students have the opportunity to experience the North woods.

Educational Grants - Each year, teachers can apply for educational grants through the PTA. The grants may be used to cover the cost of new Montessori materials, books for the classrooms, or special programs that enhance the existing curriculum.

Kindergarten Apple Orchard Field Trip - The very first field trip every Seward Montessori student experiences is a trip to a local apple orchard as a kindergartner.