Budget & Policies


The Seward Montessori School PTA in governance and in process will work with the school’s administration and the Seward Montessori Leadership Council (SMLC) to help assure that Seward student’s educational needs are met. The Seward Montessori PTSO will provide a forum for family involvement with the goal of enriching educational opportunities at Seward Montessori School.

The mission will be accomplished by creating collaborations between families, students and staff. The Seward PTSO will:

  • Conduct activities throughout the school year that provide opportunities to build trust, communication and community;
  • Create interactions between families, staff, and students through meetings and family events at school;
  • Provide a forum for family input into school operations and policy;
  • Focus on topics that help families understand Seward Montessori school operations and policy;
  • Provide information about Montessori education and the Seward Montessori School curriculum;
  • Organize and sponsor fund-raising activities in support of the PTSO mission;
  • Allocate financial resources in a responsible manner that supports the PTSO mission.