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Information about the CDD(Comprehensive District Design) process:
  1. Latest presentation (Models begin on p. 12)
  2. Latest summary: Text  Video 
  3. A critique of the elimination of K-8 schools
  4. Online CDD Feedback Form
  5. Contacts for school board members
  6. CDD Information & Listening Sessions: When and Where
Important notes:
The elements in common to Models 2-5 are the most likely to be implemented.  The models are still evolving.  The District HAS to change something, it can not continue as it is currently.  Timeframe for reaching a final plan is currently late March.


We are constantly working to update this website. Best bet is to join the Facebook page for up to the minute answers and posts (https://www.facebook.com/groups/sewardpta/). 

We could use some help. If you are interested in helping out we'd love to hear from you. Please contact contact Mary Delander, Seward Montessori Parent Liaison at mary.delander@mpls.k12.mn.us or Brian Cornell (PTA chair) at chair@sewardmontessori.org

Seward SPLASH welcome to all new Seward Montessori families!  
Seward Splash is the Seward Montessori's monthly newsletter. It includes important dates, upcoming events, a message from our principal Tammy Goetz, and general updates about the school. All parents who have an email in their school registration will receive notification when a new issue is ready for download.
To download a copy of the Seward Splash, use the links below.

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The PTA is comprised of volunteer parents who work together to strengthen and support the education and community of Seward Montessori.  Our primary support activity is to raise funds for the many important activities at Seward that contribute to your child's experience beyond the classroom.  Money raised is used also to support Teacher gifts and important Montessori learning materials.
There are 2 monthly meetings that all parents are invited to: The PTA Board Meeting, which handles fundraising, PTA-sponsored events, and the PTA budget, and the Roundtable Meeting, which includes information about what's happening at Seward, presentations, updates, and discussions on a variety of issues.  Depending on your interests & availability, we recommend attending one or both of these meetings. 
  • PTA BOARD MEETING :  Subject to change on short notice. Email Chair@sewardmontessori.org if you wish to be notified. Currently First Thursdays*: 7:30-9am
  • SEWARD ROUNDTABLE:  Second Thursdays*: 5:30-7pm, SEPT–MAY (food & childcare offered)

* Subject to change based on school calendar. See sidebar for upcoming dates/times or email chair@sewardmontessori.org.